What is Sciencesconf ?

Sciencesconf is a multi-language and configurable platform. It facilitates the management of the different stages of the organization of a conference: from the submission of papers to the edition of the proceedings, through the peer reviewing, the programing, and the management of registrations. It provides and hosts a website for each event.


Sciencesconf accompanies you during the organization of your scientific event.

It does not provide integrated tools for virtual conferences.

The platform is neither a website to advertise or reference your scientific events, nor a logistical assistance service for space rental, catering management, etc.

Sciencesconf is developed by the CCSD.

Brief history

  • 2008: Request by CNRS management to implement a unified conference management tool for the Higher Education and Research community. The project, sponsored by CCSD, was launched by a request for proposals by TGE-Adonis
  • September 2009: Start of implementation
  • December 2010: Opening of version 1.0 of platform
  • March 2013: Continued development of platform with the implementation of version 1.7