Editorial policy

Does your event match with the editorial and scientific criteria of Sciencesconf?

Any request to create an event in Sciencesconf is checked and needs a validation. Your event must match the criteria defined by the CCSD, as listed below.

Sciencesconf is designed for the management of scientific events, dedicated primarily to the scientific community, and with a majority of researchers and research staff among their speakers. The platform can be used by researchers, doctoral students, postdocs, academic professionals who organize events with scientific content, whatever the discipline.

Organizations supporting the event must belong to the ESR (Higher education and research). Scientific associations and learned societies that address scientists are also accepted.

Events can be:

  • a symposium
  • a conference
  • a congress
  • a workshop
  • a seminar
  • a symposium
  • a summer school
  • an ANF (CNRS National Training Action).

Your Sciencesconf website will at least contain a call for papers or a program.

The following events do not match the criteria : events intended for the general public, meetings, festivals, master classes, conference cycles, work meetings, political debates or cultural activities.