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FSSCR2017 : Societe Francaise de Recherche sur les Cellules Souches (FSSCR)

PARIS, France

22 Nov 2017

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology - Cellular Biology - Development Biology - Biotechnology - Cancer - Ethics - Genetics - Bioengineering - Neurons and Cognition - Pharmaceutical sciences - Toxicology

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SIGNALMEETING : Signal-targeted therapies and resistance

Toulouse, France

23 Nov 2017

Bioinformatics - Biotechnology - Other - Biochemistry, Molecular Biology - Molecular biology - Genomics - Molecular Networks - Cellular Biology - Life Sciences

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GSO-2017 : Journée Grand Sud-Ouest 2017 de la Société Chimique de France

Toulouse, France

24 Nov 2017

Chemical Sciences

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COMPETITIVE-EU : Conférence internationale interdisciplinaire "Competitive Europe and the transformation of the welfare state"

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

24 Nov 2017

Social Anthropology and ethnology - Law - Economies and finances - History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences - History - Philosophy - Political science - Sociology

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JPSML : Journée Professionnelle des Sciences de la Mer et du Littoral (SML)

Plouzané, France

27 Nov 2017

Environmental Sciences

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