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JOURNEE-DIFF : Jounée Différentielle

Lyon, France

10 Dec 2019


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4PER1000DAY2019 : 4 per 1000 Initiative Day

Santiago, Chile

11 Dec 2019

Environmental Sciences - Global Changes

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TYPE2IMMUNITY : Type 2 Immunity Symposium

Toulouse, France

11 Dec 2019

Life Sciences - Immunology - Allergology - Adaptive immunology - Innate immunity

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RADIOTOXICITY : 3rd RadioTransNet Workshop: Towards a Better Understandingof Irradiation Impact on Healthy Tissues

Fontenay aux Roses (92), France

12 Dec 2019

Medical Physics - Biochemistry, Molecular Biology - Cellular Biology - Cancer - Human health and pathology - Toxicology

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JE-DEC19-CORLI : Journée d'étude CORLI - Des données linguistiques vers un corpus: Comment s'y prendre lors du doctorat ?

Paris, France

12 Dec 2019


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