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Welcome to is a Web platform available to all organizers of scientific conferences that have calls for communication.
This tool is reserved for academic and research institutions

This multi-language and configurable platform facilitates the various stages of the course of a conference, from the reception of abstracts to the automatic edition of acts but also the reviewing and the program by topics.

Next 5 conferences

PLANTBIOMECH21 : 10th International Plant Biomechanics Conference

Lyon, France

22-27 Aug 2021

Biomechanics - Cellular Biology - Development Biology - Vegetal Biology

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AHILA2020 : Pensar los vinculos sociales en ibero-america. Lenguajes, experiencias y temporalidades (siglo XV-XXI)

Paris, France

23-27 Aug 2021


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JMC17 : 17ème Journées de la Matière Condensée 17

Rennes, France

23-27 Aug 2021

Condensed Matter

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AEROVEHICLES4 : Aerovehicles 4

Berlin, Germany

23-25 Aug 2021

Fluids mechanics

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CASE2021 : IEEE 17th International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering

Lyon, France

23-27 Aug 2021

Computer Science - Automatic Control Engineering - Embedded Systems

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> Scientific domains (2021-03-15)
Scientific domains list is now available on the Spanish website
> Review : notation grids list (2021-02-03)
Fix bug : the noation grids list is completed for "abstract then fulltext" case.
> Mailing (2020-10-08)
Language of the account of the user receiving the email is nom taken into account
> Detailed program view (2020-10-08)
Correction of the offset between the columns of the graph view
> Platform update (2020-06-10)
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