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Welcome to Sciencesconf.org

Sciencesconf.org is a Web platform available to all organizers of scientific conferences that have calls for communication.
This tool is reserved for academic and research institutions

This multi-language and configurable platform facilitates the various stages of the course of a conference, from the reception of abstracts to the automatic edition of acts but also the reviewing and the program by topics.

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ANF2022-HUMANUM : ANF 2022 : Gérer ses données en SHS avec les services et outils proposés par l'IR* Huma-Num

France, France

24-28 Nov 2022

Humanities and Social Sciences

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INCRLEARN : IncrLearn-Incremental classification and clustering, concept drift, novelty detection in big/fast data context

Orlando, United States

28 Nov 2022

Artificial Intelligence - Data Structures and Algorithms - Learning - Neural and Evolutionary Computing - Image Processing - Document and Text Processing - Web

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SANTE-AT-LABEX2022 : 3ème édition du Forum en Auvergne Rhône-Alpes des LabEx en Santé

Lyon, France

28 Nov 2022

Life Sciences

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ISBNH2022 : The first International Seminar on Bioressources, Nutrition, and Health

Mostaganem, Algeria

28-29 Nov 2022

Food and Nutrition - Biochemistry, Molecular Biology - Biotechnology - Vegetal Biology - Food engineering - Human health and pathology - Pharmaceutical sciences - Toxicology

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GDR-IDE-2022 : Journées GDR Interaction Désordre Élasticité - 2022

Saint Martin d'Hères, France

28-30 Nov 2022

Physics - Condensed Matter - Materials Science - Statistical Mechanics - Mathematical Physics - Physics

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