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JRCONF2 : 2nd Paris-Saclay Junior Conference on Computational Biology

Orsay, France

14 Nov 2018

Quantitative Methods

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JPOE-FST : Journée Portes ouvertes aux entreprises

Tunis, Tunisia

14 Nov 2018

Chemical Sciences - Computer Science - Mathematics - Physics - Environmental Sciences - Sciences of the Universe - Life Sciences - Engineering Sciences

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CJCPACTECITERES : Les capacités transformatives des réseaux

Grenoble, France

15 Nov 2018

Humanities and Social Sciences - Architecture, space management - Geography - Political science - Sociology

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BIOMECA-UNIV-PS : Méthodes et instruments pour la biomécanique et la mécanobiologie à Paris-Saclay - Workshop 00

Bures-sur-Yvette, France

15 Nov 2018

Biomechanics - Biomaterials - Imaging - Nuclear medicine

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DOC-OSU2018 : 8ème Congrès des Doctorant·e·s de l'Observatoire de Lyon

Lyon, France

15 Nov 2018

Sciences of the Universe

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