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Welcome to Sciencesconf.org

Sciencesconf.org is a Web platform available to all organizers of scientific conferences that have calls for communication.
This tool is reserved for academic and research institutions

This multi-language and configurable platform facilitates the various stages of the course of a conference, from the reception of abstracts to the automatic edition of acts but also the reviewing and the program by topics.

Next 5 conferences

MODNUMOA-2021 : MODNUMOA-2021 : Modélisation Numérique Océan-Atmosphère

Grenoble, France

22-26 Nov 2021

Ocean, Atmosphere

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CAREECOLOGIEEDU : Éveiller le cœur, cultiver l’esprit : Care, Éducation, Écologie

Montpellier, France

22-26 Nov 2021

Humanities and Social Sciences

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14JSRFMF2021 : 14èmes Journées Scientifiques du RFMF 2021

Aussois, France

23-26 Nov 2021

Chemical Sciences - Analytical chemistry - Cheminformatics - Animal biology - Biochemistry, Molecular Biology - Development Biology - Reproductive Biology - Biodiversity - Biotechnology - Vegetal Biology - Human health and pathology

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DECOD2021 : Delays and Constraints in Distributed parameter systems

Gif-sur-Yvette, France

23-26 Nov 2021

Mathematics - Engineering Sciences

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IMPT-2021 : Ecole d'automne 2021 - Institut Maths Planète Terre (IMPT) - Impacts morphologiques du changement climatique

Lyon, France

23-26 Nov 2021

Mathematics - Physics - Environmental Sciences - Humanities and Social Sciences

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> Platform update (2021-11-23)
Sciencesconf platform was updated on November 22 2021.
> Scientific domains (2021-03-15)
Scientific domains list is now available on the Spanish website
> Review : notation grids list (2021-02-03)
Fix bug : the noation grids list is completed for "abstract then fulltext" case.
> Mailing (2020-10-08)
Language of the account of the user receiving the email is nom taken into account
> Detailed program view (2020-10-08)
Correction of the offset between the columns of the graph view
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