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Contentious Science, Tricky Politics: Experts and Scientists in Controversial Policy Debates in Europe and North America

20-22 oct. 2021
Université Bordeaux Montaigne - Bordeaux (Francia)


Decision-makers—and those who pressure them—confront technical, ethical, and political uncertainty when navigating controversial issues. They often seek information they hope will provide guidance or authority. But what kinds of knowledge influence them to make a decision about questions whose very nature is a source of disagreement? Despite their classification as either primarily technical or purely moral, some social problems—especially those about the meaning, impact, or survival of human life—require policymakers to negotiate contested scientific and ethical terrain. Centering this question, this conference examines how and why “experts,” broadly defined, as well as activists and policymakers interact and influence each other as they work to address contested, high-stakes issues in Europe and North America. It invites scholars analyzing policymaking issues across domains and issues in which decision-makers negotiate contested scientific and ethical terrain
Disciplina científica : Law - Environmental studies - Gender studies - History - Library and information sciences - Political science - Sociology

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