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Virtual Geoscience Conference 2020

21-23 oct. 2020
Le Palais du Pharo,58 Boulevard Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille - MARSEILLE (Francia)

The 4^th Virtual Geoscience Conference (VGC 2020) is the place to share latest developments and applications on multidisciplinary researches in geoscience, geomatics and related disciplines. The VGC 2020 also aims to bring together geoscience researchers, geomodelling researchers and astronomers to share experiences on common key issues such as big data or uncertainty management. The CEREGE is ready to welcome you to the beautiful “Palais du Pharo”, in the city of Marseille!
Disciplina científica : Modeling and Simulation - Numerical Analysis - Neural and Evolutionary Computing - Other - Image Processing - Signal and Image Processing - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics

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