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13th International Conference on non-destructive investigations and microanalysis for the diagnostics and conservation of cultural and environmental heritage

14-16 Oct 2020
 - Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Non-destructive analysis has turned out to be a crucial method to achieve more successful and long-lasting preservation of works of art and environmental heritage. With the aim to promote education and competence in this field, the "art" Conference represents, in national and international meetings, one of the most successful initiatives in this area. The desired synergy among experts will lead to continuous development of new scientific methods in the fields of preservation, reconstruction and diagnostics of cultural and environmental artworks..The "art'20 Conference" will bringing together delegates, conservation scientists and curators, art historians, analytical scientists and architectural researchers from all arround the world.
Scientific domain : Chemical Sciences - Analytical chemistry - Material chemistry - Other - Mathematics - Physics - Mechanics - Mathematical Physics - Nuclear Experiment - Physics - Environmental Sciences

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