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Interplay between Oncology, Mathematics and Numerics: focus on pre-treatment studies

22-23 jun. 2020
Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions Sorbonne Université Campus Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris (Francia)

The importance of cross-domains projects is no longer to prove. Joint works combining Biology, Medicine, Mathematics, and Numerics started some years ago. Today promising results have been obtained. To help the success of forthcoming projects, the collaboration between researchers must start at the beginning of their careers. Thereby, we propose to interested young researchers to meet each other during a conference highlighting the interaction between Oncology, Mathematics and Numerics. The IbOMan conference is the opportunity to give the floor to the young actors of trans-disciplinary projects involving Oncology. This session will be organized around the thematic of pre-treatment studies. During this conference, presentations will be given by young researchers and we also propose a masterclass (the orator will be precised shortly).
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