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Opportunities for collaborative projects on the Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases

12-14 Jun 2020
Le Hameau d'Etoile - St Martin de Londres, near Montpellier (France)

The aim of this meeting will be to interact on ‘hot topics' in the Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases and identify areas for future collaborative projects. We hope the meeting will promote novel links between researchers in different continents and lead to the submission of new projects. It is organised with the support of national research agencies that aim to foster international collaboration on the Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases. This can be in the form of large research grants, but also Ph. D students looking for laboratories to apply for Post-doctoral positions research grants outside and within Europe. The meeting will be held just before the ‘EEID 2020' meeting organised in Montpellier. The meeting will be centred around discussion groups containing people with shared interests, but with different skills and experiences. At the beginning of the meeting, each participant will introduce themselves to the whole group and highlight their main areas of interest about which they would like to discuss for potential collaborations. Following the introductions, the organisers will extract key areas of interest for topics of discussion amongst subgroups of ~10 people. The group can also suggest key areas they would like to discuss. Participants will attend 2 different discussion groups consecutively. At the end of the first day the different groups will report back to the room highlighting sub-issues within each topic. The following day, people of the same or new sub-groups will form, to continue discussion and start to plan new research projects. Participants are expected to think about big or small collaborative projects. Senior scientists, but also to early career scientists, are encouraged to participate to the meeting. We do not expect definitive projects to be written up in two days, but we hope that the meeting will eventually lead to novel collaborative projects.
Scientific domain : Ecology, environment - Immunology - Human health and pathology

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