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International symposium on ecology and evolution of marine parasites and diseases

15-18 Nov 2022
Espace Encan - Quai Louis Prunier - La Rochelle (France)
The “International symposium on ecology and evolution of marine parasites and diseases” is a unique meeting combining marine ecology and parasitology. Considering the need to integrate parasitology in ecosystem studies and global change scenarios this symposium provides a great opportunity to present the latest research findings regarding marines parasites, to gather international experts from various disciplines and to identify next research priorities in this area, both at the European and international levels. The symposium will include several sessions spread over 3 days on parasites affecting marine organisms: parasite adaptation and evolution, biogeography and macroecology, parasite detection, disease impact and management, epidemiology, environmental parasitology... Presentations regarding parasites in freshwater organisms are also welcome.
Scientific domain : Biodiversity - Populations and Evolution - Ecology, environment - Ecosystems - Symbiosis - Parasitology

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