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Neural Excitability: Theory and Experiments

31 ene. 2020
 - Paris (Francia)

The workshop aims at bringing together experimentalists and theoreticians interested in neural excitability and its regulation. Recent years have seen exciting experimental developments in this area, for example with the observation of plasticity of the axonal initial segment (AIS), the periodic nanoscale structure of the axon, new findings on synapses targeting the AIS, the modulation of synaptic transmission by spike initiation dynamics, etc. Although the initiation of action potentials is central to the understanding of network dynamics, relatively few modeling efforts address these new developments. This workshop aims at providing a forum for discussion of these recent findings between theoreticians and experimentalists, as well as at identifying specific hypotheses to be tested and formulating novel theories. Preliminary list of speakers > Theory 1. Sarah Goethals: resistive coupling theory of spike initiation 2. Andreas Neef: theory and experiments of spike initiation (cooperativity etc) 3. Susanne Schreiber: some theoretical work on homeostatic intrinsic plasticity, cellular neurophysiology more generally 4. Shimon Marom on excitability 5. Christophe Verbist: AIS location alters neuronal bandwidth > Experiments 6. Dominique Debanne: modulation of PSPs by spike initiation (pretty cool paper here) 7. Ilya Fleidervish: experiments on spike initiation and the AIS + theory with colleagues 8. Juan Burrone: homeostatic plasticity of the AIS 9. Hua Hu in Oslo 10. Maren Engelhardt, AIS plasticity. Organizers: Romain Brette (Institut de la Vision) & Michele Giugliano (Universiteit Antwerpen)
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