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Biologie comparative du vieillissement

21-25 nov. 2022
Roscoff, Finistère, Bretagne - Roscoff (Francia)


The second Jacques Monod conference on « Comparative Biology of Aging » promotes advances in basic and applied aging research. The conference brings together both established leaders in the fields of aging with promising young researchers and is focused on holistic approaches to understand better the mechanisms, the physiology and the « raison d'être » of aging in the tree of life. The conference is expected to foster interactions between workers from different disciplines working on various model and non-model organisms. The mission of the Jacques Monod conference is to contribute to a novel and integrated understanding of aging by providing new insights into the evolution of life cycle, mechanisms of homeostasis, social behavior, ecology and the development of new technologies to prevent and treat age-associated diseases and environmental stresses.
Disciplina científica : Life Sciences

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