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Quantum and neuromorphic technologies meet

27 Nov 2019
Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies - Palaiseau (France)

Over the past decades, quantum and neuromorphic computing have emerged as two leading visions for the future of computation. Quantum computing aims at making use of quantum properties such as entanglement and superposition to design more efficient algorithms than classical ones. On the other hand, neuromorphic computing gets inspiration from the brain and uses complex ensembles of artificial neurons and synapses to mimic animal intelligence. These two approaches may exploit similar technologies such as optics, electronics, spintronics and superconducting circuits. They share true similarities, such as the reliance on extreme parallelism, but also striking differences, for example the algorithms they use or the way they deal with errors. The goal of the workshop “Quantum and neuromorphic technologies meet” is to give opportunity to the actors of these two, until now independant fields, to meet and exchange ideas. The solutions to the challenges of neuromorphic computing may well be solved by using quantum neurons and the killer application for the existing quantum devices might just as well be neuromorphic computing!
Scientific domain : Physics

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