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International workshop on large-scale land-cover mapping from remote sensing

3 dic. 2019
IGN - Saint-Mandé (Francia)

The MAESTRIA project (Multi-modAl Earth obServaTion Image Analysis, 2019-2022, funded by the French National Research Agency) aims to solve several methodological challenges related to the fully automatic analysis of the massive amount of images acquired by Earth Observation platforms. We target to generate land-cover/land-use descriptions at country scale at many spatial resolutions and sets of classes. The output will be two-fold: (i) methods that leverage current challenges in Earth Observation image analysis; (ii) precise and up-to-date land-cover maps available over very large scales from 2m to 100m. Both will be made freely available. During the project, several user workshops will be organized in order to collect users' expectations, validate choices and identify remaining challenges. The first one-day meeting will be held on 3rd December 2019 in Paris and its main objective will be to gather international land cover experts from several organizations (ESA, USGS, EC, universities and private companies) which have been working with land cover maps users for a long time. The specific goals of this first meeting will be to collect complementary points of view, share recent achievements and identify remaining challenges.
Disciplina científica : Learning - Signal and Image Processing - Environmental and Sociaty - Signal and Image processing

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