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2nd Workshop on Cathodoluminescence and Electron Beam Induced Current of Semiconductor Nanostructures

16-18 Mar 2020
Institut Néel - Grenoble (France)

CL spectroscopy and EBIC imaging in scanning and transmission electron microscopes are well-adapted techniques to investigate both the optical and electrical properties of semiconductor nanostructures with an adequate spatial resolution. In recent years, the focus of this field has shifted from planar quantum well structures to three-dimensional nanostructures. In this context, the correlation of cathodoluminescence results with a variety of other electron microscopy techniques, among them energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy as well as electron backscatter diffraction, has resulted in new insights in the chemical or microstructural characteristics of these nanostructures.
Scientific domain : Physics - Condensed Matter - Materials Science - Instrumentation and Detectors - Micro and nanotechnologies/Microelectronics - Optics / Photonic - Electronics

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