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International Conference of Research and Studies in Finance (ICRSF’20)

3-4 mars 2020
The​​ International Conference of Research and Studies in Finance (ICRSF'20)​​ will be held in​​ National School of Business and Management of Fez​​ at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah University,​​ Fez, Morocco. - Fez (Maroc)

The International Conference for Research and Studies in Finance (ICRSF), launched 3 years ago, aims to bring together academic researchers, professionals, experts and other specialists from Morocco and around the World. This is to promote a constructive exchange about “finance, technology and sustainability” both from theorical and application perspectives. The main objective is to promote exchange of views, thoughts and visions on a topic of critical importance in the current context. In its third edition, the conference will emphasize on the changes in finance under new technologies environment and their negative social and ecological consequences, which highlight with the sustainability questions. It comes also to identify issues and challenges, to promote the confrontation of analyzes and thinking around common issues, and to encourage reflection on the evolution of the principles and practices of finance, and various levers of its foundations.
Discipline scientifique : Finance

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