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Targeting Proteolysis and Ubiquitin-like Modifiers

3 oct. 2019
Amphithéatre de la délégation régionale Occitanie Est 1919 Route de Mende - Montpellier (Francia)

ProteOccitanie ( is a new network, which aims at fostering researchers interested in the study of proteolysis (proteases, autophagy) as well as ubiquitin-like molecules in Occitanie. This first meeting of the Proteoccitanie network will aim at gathering both biologists and chemists on the targeting of proteases and ubiquitin/ubiquitin-like system. The topics covered will include Proteases and UbL as Therapeutic Targets, Chemical biology, Protacs, Interaction Inhibitors, Enzyme Inhibitors and their Applications in Cancers, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Microbiology…
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