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Approche Interdisciplinaire de l'Evolution Moléculaire - Toulouse 2019

6-8 nov. 2019
Faculté de Médecine - Toulouse (Francia)

The AIEM GDR aims at studying fundamental research topics in evolutionary biology by exploiting methods from statistical physics and applied mathematics. Recent technological developments enable an ever growing production of molecular data that requires dedicated efficient analyses methods and revisit the theoretical framework behind the interpretation of their results. Every year AIEM organizes an open seminar to share and discuss new ideas. From 6-8 November 2019, the seminar will take place in Toulouse with a focus on the analysis of temporal data ( time series) at different time scales ( ancient DNA, cryobanks, experimental evolution ...).
Disciplina científica : Mathematics - Mathematical Physics - Numerical Analysis - Biodiversity and Ecology - Life Sciences - Molecular biology - Genomics - Quantitative Methods - Genetics

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