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20-22 Feb 2020
Aix Marseille Université Maison de la recherche Bâtiment Multimédia salle de colloque 2 29 Avenue Robert Schuman 13100 Aix-en-Provence - Aix-en-Provence (France)

Since the heated debate that opposed British Empire historians Bernard Porter and John Mackenzie a few decades ago around the relation of the Victorians and Edwardians to their Empire, and more precisely, their appetite for the popular culture surrounding the Imperial project, scholarship has explored the multiple issues related to the omnipresence of imperial culture in Britain, at a time when the first consumer society was also emerging [Flanders]. Other studies have examined the way imperial culture was represented and developed in the British colonies. What were the range, scale and nature of the imperial impact on Britain [Thompson 3-4]? What were the repercussions of imperial culture in the territories under British rule?
Scientific domain : Humanities and Social Sciences - Social Anthropology and ethnology - History - Literature

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