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Shortcut To Adiabaticity 2020

9-11 mar. 2020
FONDATION BEMBERG Hôtel d'Assézat Place d'Assézat 31000 Toulouse - Toulouse (Francia)

In a quantum "adiabatic process", the external parameters of the Hamiltonian are varied slowly and the populations of the system in the instantaneous basis remain constant. Adiabatic processes are ubiquitous in cold atom physics, nuclear magnetic resonance, optics and statistical physics. They are very useful to prepare states robustly versus perturbations but, in many cases they take too long and may become impractical. This has prompted a surge of theoretical and experimental activity to speed them up and find shortcuts to adiabaticity. The STA 2020 conference will gather researchers active in all the fields impacted by these new techniques and a session will be devoted to comparison with optimal control theory.
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