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The Second Edition of the International Congress on Water and Environmental Studies

14-15 nov. 2019
The Multidisciplinary Faculty - Nador (Maroc)
Water management and environment protection are one of the main keys of the worldwide sustainable development. Currently, they present the focus debates between researchers, political, economists and social communities. Thus, the Second Edition of the International Conference on Water and Environment Studies (CI3E) aims to highlight the importance and awareness of water and environment. This meeting will emphasize on solutions and alternatives of different issues facing these issues. Besides, this international meeting will show recent and updates researches realized in water, environment and related issues. CI3E meeting will be held, in November 14-15, 2019, at the Multidisciplinary Faculty of Nador, University Mohammed First, Nador City, Morocco. The conference is an opportunity for meeting with researchers, professionals and social society involved in this sector. Moreover, CI3E aims to exchange knowledge, as well as to build up new research topics in field of water an environment and to start new collaborations between different actors.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'environnement

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