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Writing and Editing the Ubiquitin code

26-27 Feb 2020
University of the Basque Country - Oteiza Hall - Bilbao (Spain)

Post-translational modifications (PTM) by members of the ubiquitin family are at the heart of almost every biological process, including regulation of protein levels, localization, and quality control. Defects in this protein homeostasis (proteostasis) can result in developmental anomalies and disease. An intricate interplay exists among the ubiquitin-family members, with diverse chains and linkages that constitutes a “ubiquitin code”, the full meaning of which is largely unknown. Fundamental research on the ubiquitin code continues to grow, with the pharmaceutical industry taking aim at potential targets in the proteostasis area for novel therapies. “Writing and Editing the Ubiquitin Code” is a one-and-a-half day symposium that will focus on how the code is written and edited though ligases and proteases, how the different modifications affect cell signaling, and how new technologies can be applied to analyze these modifications. Presentations will cover a wide range of topics, from genome instability and metabolic regulation, to cancer, neurodegeneration and infectious diseases.
Scientific domain : Life Sciences - Biochemistry, Molecular Biology - Cellular Biology - Biotechnology - Cancer - Immunology - Human health and pathology

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