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15èmes Journées d'étude des milieux poreux

26-28 oct. 2020
Palais Universitaire de Strasbourg - Strasbourg (Francia)

Every two years, the JEMP are the meeting place for scientific and industrial communities whose common thread is understanding the complex behavior of porous media. The exchanges, mostly interdisciplinary, involve fundamental themes such as applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and process engineering. The work carried out has a strong resonance with fields of application whose societal impact is marked: energy storage, pollution, new energies, environment, agri-food, and health. For the 2020 edition, the following opening topics will be proposed: new progresses in laboratory experimental studies, uncertainty quantification and machine learning, advances in imaging porous media. The papers will be in French and English. A prize for the best poster will be awarded by the French Interpore Chapter (FIC).
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