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Cosmic turbulence and magnetic fields : physics of baryonic matter across time and scales

4-8 Nov 2019
Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse - Cargèse (France)

Gravity drives the evolution of the universe, but the relative importance of purely gravitational effects and the dissipative dynamics of baryonic matter has long been recognized as a central issue in the theory of galaxy formation. Molecules have now been discovered in the early universe : they unveil the truly cold universe in which stars form, and reveal that the ubiquitous turbulence is far less dissipative than predicted by cosmological simulations. Unraveling the dissipative physics of baryonic matter is therefore a key challenging issue : it involves magnetic fields and the plasma properties of the gas that is partially (or fully) ionized and pervades all the thermal phases spanning six orders of magnitude in temperature. The prodigious development of observational facilities and the fast increase of the computing power are rapidly opening the field, calling for new multi-disciplinary approaches. This conference focuses on these issues. It will gather physicists of turbulence and plasma physics and astrophysicists, both observers and theorists of the local and high-redshift universe. The goal of the meeting is a cross-fertilization of different disciplines, as well as different fields in astrophysics that are artificially separated by observational techniques. This cross-fertilization will especially benefit the younger generation of researchers.
Scientific domain : Astrophysics - Plasma Physics

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