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International Conference on Metal Binding Peptides : Methodologies and Applications (MBP’2020)

6-9 jul. 2021
 - Nancy (Francia)

The “ international conference on Metal-Binding Peptides” is an interdisciplinary congress related to metal-binding peptides, the methodologies used and applications specific to this kind of peptides. The general scope of this first conference on metal-binding peptides will be dedicated to: - The Peptides and peptidomimetics study: from the chemical synthesis of MBP to the biological production either by biocatalysis or living organisms (bacteria, plants, etc.) - The methodologies used for the screening and/or separation of MBP in complex mixtures of biomolecules - The technics and methods used to investigate the MBPs and to study their interaction with metals - Considering metal in general or under various forms, i.e. ionic, complexes or present in nanoparticles (essential metals, toxic metals, metals for medicine, ionic metals, metal-nanoparticules, metal-complexes) All the fields of application of Metal Binding Peptide will be addressed during such interdisciplinary congress: chemistry, biology, medicine, environment, nutrition, material science, etc. Two main sessions will be considered either on a methodological point of view or on an application point of view, each one being divided under more focused and specific sessions.
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