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Workshop “Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation for Water Reuse”

15-17 Sep 2020
La conférence se tiendra sur le campus de l'ENSIC (École nationale supérieure des industries chimiques) à Nancy, situé 1 Rue Grandville, 54000 Nancy - Nancy (France)

Electrochemical advanced oxidation processes have been widely studied by scientists for the last 20 years in applications for water and wastewater treatment. The goal of this “International Workshop on Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation for Water Reuse” (ELO.WatR) is to promote the development of those electrochemical technologies by gathering the community from complementary disciplines such as material sciences & interface studies, physical chemistry of solutions and electrochemical engineering around challenging applications for water reuse.
Scientific domain : Organic chemistry - Biodiversity and Ecology

Place of the conference
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