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Quantum Resonances and Related Topics

11-13 jun. 2019
Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP) l'amphithéâtre Hermite - Paris (Francia)


The conference will celebrate this event with invited talks by collaborators and leading researchers in semiclassical and microlocal analysis applied to the mathematical physics, in particular the theory of quantum resonances.

♦ Date: June 11(Tue), 12(Wed), 13(Thu), 2019
♦ Place:Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP), l'amphithéâtre Hermite
♦ Speakers:

  • BONY, Jean-François (Bordeaux)
  • BRIET, Philippe (Toulon)
  • BRUNEAU, Vincent (Bordeaux)
  • GERARD, Christian (Orsay)
  • GRECCHI, Vincenzo (Bologna)
  • GRIGIS, Alain (Paris 13)
  • HELFFER, Bernard (Nantes)
  • KLEIN, Markus (Potsdam)
  • NAKAMURA, Shu (Gakushuin)
  • NIER, Francis (Paris 13)
  • ROBERT, Didier (Nantes)
  • ROULEUX, Michel (Toulon)
  • SACCHETTI, Andrea (Modena)
  • SJÖSTRAND, Johannes (Bourgogne)
  • WANG, Xue Ping (Nantes)
  • ZWORSKI, Maciej (Berkeley)


♦ Program & Abstracts:
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Disciplina científica : Mathematics - Analysis of PDEs - Functional Analysis - Mathematical Physics - Spectral Theory

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