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Envisioning the Economy of the Future, and the Future of Political Economy

3-5 juil. 2019
IEP, 9 rue Auguste Angellier, 59000 LILLE - LILLE (France)

Our economies and the academic discipline of economics that examines how those economies work have for many years been facing a twofold crisis: an ‘economic’ crisis, of course, but a crisis of ‘economic theory’ as well. These crises, of which it might well be asked whether they are not in fact simply profound changes in the functioning of our economies and, as a corollary, in the way in which they are perceived, are forcing all those who ‘study’ matters economics to reconsider their foresight projects. Of course we are not referring here to standard economic forecasting projects, the difficulties of which we are all increasingly aware of, but rather to a necessary exercise in introspection that will enable us to understand both what is profoundly ‘changing’ in our economies in such a way as to identify the driving forces of the economy of the future and what is changing in the way in which academic disciplines, and in particular the social sciences (sociology, history, geography, political science, law, management), perceive, describe, formalise, analyse and conceptualise the economic sphere. Thus the purpose of this conference is to investigate this twofold process of change and in particular, though not solely, to forge links between the crisis in economic theory and the crises economies across the world are experiencing (financial crisis, social crisis, in particular the migration crisis, environmental crisis, etc.).
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'Homme et Société

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