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28th International Conference on Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors

4-9 Aug 2019
Ecole polytechnique - PALAISEAU (France)


The 28th International Conference on Amorphous and Nano-crystalline Semiconductors (ICANS) organized every two years, started in 1965 in Prague with the name of International Conference on Amorphous and liquid Semiconductors (ICALS) to focus on fundamental physics. With a long journey of 54 years, the liquid semiconductor term has been replaced by microcrystalline semiconductors, nowadays nanocrystalline semiconductors. The major parts cover physical structure and characterization of various inorganic/organic materials, measurements & modeling of electronic, optical and physical properties, and applications including photovoltaics, sensors, thin film transistors (TFTs), and Light emitting diodes (LEDs).
Scientific domain : Physics

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