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1st International Conference on Chemical Maters and Environment Preservation IC-CMEP’22 March 09 – 10, 2022, Ouargla, ALGERIA

9-10 Mar 2022
Ouargla University, ALGERIA - Ouargla (Algeria)


The first International Conference on Chemical Maters and Environment Preservation, which is going to be held in Ouargla, Algeria during March 08-09, 2021, was reposed for the presentation of recent research and results in the field of the design of new maters for diverse applications and in particular for the environment preservation. This would be an opportunity for researchers to share their research results and exchange advanced ideas and applications for establishing research and scientific collaboration relationships between them. The IC-CMEP'21 will be moderated by invited speakers, oral presentations and posters sessions; the event will have the following objectives: - Presentation of the different lines of research in the field of the chemistry of materials for the innovation of technology. - Present the different techniques having chemical aspect in the preservation of the environment. - Give an opportunity to researchers from the University of Ouargla and other universities to present their research.
Scientific domain : Chemical Sciences - Computer Science - Mathematics - Physics - Environmental Sciences - Life Sciences - Engineering Sciences

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