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International Conference on Knowledge Transfer on Sustainable Rehabilitation and Risk Management in the Built Environment

15-16 déc. 2021
BOKU Institut Vienna - Vienna (Autriche)


The aim of the two-day RE-BUILT multiplier event held at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna is to inform the public about the outputs of the RE-BUILT Project, including a panel discussion on "Knowledge Transfer on Sustainable Rehabilitation and Risk Management in Built Environment" and to transfer knowledge in this respect bringing together academics, researchers, designer engineers, architects, urban planners, ecologists, developers and building contractors, experts on risk assessment and management, practitioners of all areas of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Architecture and other related areas, representatives of central and local administration, national heritage conservation authority, promoters in the sustainable rehabilitation and risk management of the built environment
Discipline scientifique : Milieux et Changements globaux - Sciences de l'ingénieur

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