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Renewable & Sustainable Energies and Green Processes Conference

17-19 Dec 2021
Hotel Jerba Resort - Jerba (Tunisia)
The Renewable & Sustainable Energies and Green Processes Conference RSEGP-2021 will be a good opportunity to exchange knowledge on Energy and Environment science and technology and to meet eminent scientists in this field. Renewable Energy: Wind, Solar... Biomass Valorization Combustion and Emissions Control, Water Processes and Environment, Recycling, Sustainability and LCA, Advanced Materials for Energy, Porous Media, Process Modeling and Simulation, Proceeding of selected papers will be published in an appropriate Book Series indexed in Scopus.
Scientific domain : Chimical engineering - Material chemistry - High Energy Physics - Experiment - Mechanical engineering - Mechanics of the fluids - Mechanics of materials - Mechanics of the structures

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