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"What does it mean to be nomadic in the past, present and future?

25-27 nov. 2021
Auditorium of the Grande Galerie de l'Évolution National Museum of Natural History - Paris (Francia)


Nomadism is one of the rare ways of life that can question and link pre-history to current societal and global crises (environmental, health, governmental, economic). But what does it mean to be nomadic? How are nomads defined and define themselves? How have these populations adapted and are they still adapting to their natural, cultural and political environments? What are their futures? These questions are at the heart of the theme of this international and interdisciplinary colloquium, organised in 4 sessions: Session 1: What is 'Being nomadic' at the crossroads of different disciplinary fields of the human and social sciences? Session 2: What are the links between nomads of yesterday and today? Session 3: What traces have nomadic peoples left or still leave in human history? Session 4: What future for nomads?
Disciplina científica : Humanities and Social Sciences

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