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Workshop on Internet Standard Setting Research Methods

12 ene. 2022
Online - Online (Francia)


This workshop aims to showcase the broad range of research methods used by Internet governance scholars from all disciplines to study these standard-setting bodies, such as the IETF, IEEE, W3C, WHATWG, 3GPP, ITU-T, ITU-R. It is also open to the study of "de-facto standardisation" that takes place outside of formal organisations and processes (Musiani and Ermoshina, 2017). The workshop aims to provide an opportunity for scholars and researchers to: - Explore and perhaps discover qualitative and quantitative methods applicable to standard setting for information networks - Discuss the feasibility of applying specific methods, - Improve the understanding of specific methods - Identify new and existing data sources, - Share open research questions and work-in-progress on methods, - Receive feedback to improve the methods. We will cover the following topics during the workshop: Mixed Methods Lessons from studying non-Internet standard-setting bodies How to acquire data (standards, patents, conversations, outcome documents) Network analysis Computational methods Discourse analysis Ethnography The event will start with a Keynote speaker and we will have a round of brief presentations. We will also invite method experts to talk to these issues and the above mentioned topics. We will share the program with you in due course.
Disciplina científica : Computers and Society - Networking and Telecommunication - Web - Law - History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences - Library and information sciences - Political science - Methods and statistics

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