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Strasbourg Soft Matter Meeting 2021

3-4 jun. 2021
Campus Esplanade - Strasbourg (Francia)

We are pleased to announce the first edition of the {{Strasbourg Soft Matter Meeting}} that will take place in Strasbourg on June 3rd and 4th 2021. The scope of this meeting is to encourage researchers (M2, PhDs, Postdocs and others) working in the broad field of Soft Matter (polymers, biophysics, complex fluids, active matter, colloids, wetting, microfluidics, membranes) to present their activities in order to provide a synoptic view of the current research in our Region. This could be also an opportunity to stimulate collaborations between different groups and laboratories in the Grand Est Region.We encourage whoever wants to contribute - and in particularly young researchers - to send a title, ideally a small abstract for a talk before April, 30th 2021. Participation without presentation is also possible. In both cases, please fill the following form: [ >form<->]
Disciplina científica : Soft Condensed Matter

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