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2nd Virtual Conference for Women Archaeologists and Paleontologists

7-8 mars 2022
Worldwide - Toulouse (France)


The main aim of this conference is to promote the place of women in archaeology and paleontology. We would like to offer young researchers from these disciplines an opportunity to gain visibility by presenting recent developments in their research works. In Archeology as in Paleontology, the revision of ancient assemblages, recent discoveries, as well as the development of innovative methodologies, make it possible to question and update old paradigms. As young researchers in these disciplines, our work contributes daily to the renewal of knowledge about past humanities and the environments in which they are embedded. This scientific event also gives us the opportunity to share and combine our approaches between both disciplines.
Discipline scientifique : Paléontologie - Archéologie et Préhistoire - Etudes de l'environnement

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