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Descriptive Grammars and Typology II: The challenges of writing grammars of underdescribed and endangered languages

1-3 déc. 2021
 - Paris (France)


The global endangerement of little-known languages has raised awareness of the urgent need to document and describe them and brought about new advances in the art of grammaticography (see e.g. Ameka, Dench & Evans 2006). The conference series 'Descriptive Grammars and Typology', whose first installment took place in March 2019 in Helsinki, aims to contribute to the development of grammaticography by bringing together authors and users of grammars of underdescribed and/or endangered languages who share an interest in drawing on concepts of linguistic typology in grammatical descriptions. This second edition of the conference will be more specifically focused on the theory and practice of grammar writing and will exclude papers concerned with the description of grammatical structures. We encourage presentations addressing the issues and challenges that authors of descriptive grammars face and the expectations of grammar users. Wider discussion of the role of typology in grammar-writing is welcome as well. The presentations may take either a language-specific or a cross-linguistic perspective.
Discipline scientifique : Linguistique

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