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COMETH Training Course : From omics data to tumor heterogeneity quantification

15-16 févr. 2021
100% online - 100 % distanciel - 100% online (France)


The COMETH program is organizing a two-day on-line course for health professionals (clinicians,cancer pathologists and research scientists) on application of statistical methods that quantify cell heterogeneity in tumors. The EIT health -funded COMETH program is an innovative benchmarking approaches to improve COmputational METHods for big data analysis in Health. It offers training for heatlh professionals to evaluate novel computational methods and apply them directly on real health data sets. The program offers a benchmarking framework for methods that quantifies cell heterogeneity in cancer, in order to improve cancer treatment strategies. It provides clinicians and health professionals with a secured digital platform and a friendly web application dedicated to analyze their clinical data sets.
Discipline scientifique : Bio-informatique - Apprentissage - Analyse numérique - Bio-Informatique, Biologie Systémique - Anatomie, Histologie, Anatomopathologie - Apprentissage Machine - Machine Learning

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