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Extragalactic universe with High Energy and Very High Energy sources

9-11 dic. 2020
On Line - On Line (Francia)


This workshop will be organized in three sessions: * AGN cycle and galaxy clusters: feedback from AGNs, UFO, extragalactic cosmic rays, galaxy clusters and related AGN physics, HITOMI/XRISM and Athena sciences * Multi-messenger astrophysics: GRB host galaxies, UHECR** and nearby extragalactic populations, short and long GRB and associated gravitational events, constraining stellar populations in galaxies and the Hubble constant, revealing the black hole population with gravitational waves* Probing extragalactic lines of sight: Extragalactic background light, InterGalactic Magnetic Field, search for LIV signatures in signals from AGN and GRB, contraints deduced for cosmology and fundamental physics, CTA sciences
Disciplina científica : Astrophysics

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