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Microbes-on-chip: microtechnologies for the study, use or detection of microorganisms

30 oct. 2020
Paris, Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes - Paris (Francia)

The workshop “microbes-on-chip : microtechnologies for the study, use or detection of microorganisms” will aim to bring together students and scientist who are currently working with bacteria, viruses, yeasts or parasites using microfluidic devices for fundamental studies or biomedical applications. This one day event will be a great opportunity to exchange views on current challenges in the development of new miniaturized diagnostic tools to address emerging threats to public health (Covid-19, antimicrobial resistance or tropical diseases).
Disciplina científica : Life Sciences - Biotechnology - Infectious diseases - Microbiology and Parasitology - Engineering Sciences - Micro and nanotechnologies/Microelectronics

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