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SFtools-bigdata: The close structural connection between gas and young stars, focus on current and new tools of data analysis

27-30 oct. 2020
IPAG Grenoble - Grenoble (France)

From Cloud to stars The aim of this meeting is to gather national and European researchers together around the topic of star formation and the multiscale structural and physical relation between the parental molecular clouds and their young stellar objects. The structural analysis of both entities, molecular clouds and young stellar clusters, is done in general by two distinct communities in astrophysics. This meeting aims to overview the different structural and physical analysis tools that are used and that are currently developed by both communities in order to establish the connection between the gas structuration and the clustering and mass segregation of stars. Gas structure vs Star Clustering What is the role played by the complex interstellar gas distribution in star-formation processes? How can we highlight their interdependence and their respective properties? Innovation and development of tools Review of current algorithms and methods used to detect patterns and perform a data-mining analysis in star catalogs and gas hyperspectral datacubes. Data mining & transdisciplinarity In addition to establish the links between these two astrophysical communities (interstellar medium and young stellar objects), the “Grenoble Star Formation meeting” wants to explore the transdisciplinarity aspect of the data mining and the image processing fields. Through dedicated multidisciplinary sessions, this meeting will provide new insights in imagery techniques and supervised/unsupervised classification techniques presented by local experts outside the astronomy field. stellar data, hyperspectral datacubesmultiscalimprovment of et développement d'outils d'analyse d'images, de données hyperspectrales et stellaire. (SFTools-BigData)
Discipline scientifique : Astrophysique - Astrophysique galactique - Statistiques

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