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The Positive and the Normative in Economic Thought

16-18 Dec 2020
 - Paris (France)


The conference will be organized around five main research axes: 1. The various ways in which the relationship between positive economics and normative economics has been theorized within economic thinking, both in the past and today. 2. Approaches that have given more weight to normative economics and have had an influence on contemporary political philosophy (e.g. welfare economics, public economics, normative constitutional economics, the capability approach, social choice theory, various theories of justice etc.). 3. The way in which the weight given to the positive approach in Marx, Mises and Friedman has been debated by the very heirs of these approaches (in Marxism for example with the Frankfurt School, in the Austrian School for example with Hayek, and in the Chicago School for example with James Buchanan). 4. The various approaches and theories, such as those of Foucault and Putnam, which have tried to question the very possibility of distinguishing between facts and values, between the study of positivity and the study of normativity. The impact of this type of critique on normative economics, and the need to create a theoretical framework that can help us resolve disagreements about what needs to be done will be discussed 5. The impact of various ways of theorizing the relationship between positive and normative economics on the question of expertise in economics, and on the role that economics, as an academic discipline, should play in political decision-making.
Scientific domain : Economies and finances - History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences - Philosophy

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