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Innovative Catalysis and Sustainability Winter School

5-9 avr. 2021
Aussois (Alps, France) - Aussois (France)
Catalysis is “the current recognized most important and pervasive interdisciplinary technology in the chemical industry”. Current chemical industry relies heavily on fossil fuels; and it does, so far, more for processing and related energy requirements, than as a carbon-based feedstock. The resulting social and economic impacts are high both in terms of risks and opportunities. In the current strive for a more renewable-energy driven society, the roadmap on catalysts development depends strongly on if and how the chemical industry can evolve to a REN-driven rather than fossil-fuel driven production. The upcoming generation of researchers in catalysis will have to be trained and to operate the connection between the shifting techno-economic panorama of energy-related production systems and catalysis development challenges. “What roadmap for catalysis addressing the chemistry-energy-economy nexus?” This school proposes to set the basis for such an analysis, through the prism of 6 pivotal molecules that are at the roots of many current production processes: • Hydrogen: REN-production and use; • Ammonia: from fossil-based to fossil-free routes; • Methane: direct conversion to methanol; • Polyolefins and biopolymers: as carbon feedstock; • Carbon dioxide: from waste to resource? These molecules are the nodes of a network with significant environmental and social consequences. The school will explore this complex network, under the guide of scientists with a broad and interdisciplinary view of the field. Participants from the social sciences are encouraged.
Discipline scientifique : Chimie

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