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Compact NMR : perspectives for (bio)process monitoring

14-15 Oct 2020
CEISAM Universty of Nantes - Nantes (France)

How could it be possible to do without high magnetic field NMR? To answer such a question, benchtop NMR apparatus has been emerging for the last 5 to 10 years and has made possible to acquire spectra at medium field (1-2T). Moreover, significant development have been implemented to face the resolution limitations inherent to the lower field and have opened the avenue for new applications. The purpose of the symposium is to present recent developments and applications in the field of transformation monitoring from chemical reactions to bioprocesses. This symposium is organized by the MIMM team (CEISAM laboratory) in the framework of the “AMER-METAL” project funded by the Region Pays de la Loire and led by Jonathan Farjon. It will include the PhD defense of Dylan Bouillaud, as well as invited lectures by three internationally recognized speakers.
Scientific domain : Chemical Sciences - Physics - Life Sciences

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