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Fifty Years of Kruzhkov Entropy Solutions and Beyond

7-11 dic. 2020
Faculté des Sciences et Techniques. Université de Tours - Tours (Francia)
In 1970, the publication of the article « First order quasilinear equations with several independent variables » by Stanislav Nikolaevich Kruzhkov was the starting point of the modern theory of hyperbolic conservation laws. This large class of partial differential equations is of utmost importance in the mathematical modeling of fluid flows, porous media, road traffic and pedestrian dynamics. All the ideas in Kruzhkov's work have greatly stimulated mathematical research in PDEs for decades to come. The aim of the conference is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of the founding paper for Kruzhkov by bringing together experts in the field from all over the world. We will take this opportunity to discuss the state of the art, recent developments and directions for the future in the field of conservation laws, with a particular emphasis on the scalar case and on the methods related to Kruzhkov's work. Theory and all kinds of applications, numerical analysis and modeling issues will be addressed.


* An *Online Thematic Trimester * will take place via the platform BigBlueButton every second Tuesday, from October, 6 till December, 15, 2020.

If successful, it may extend to early 2021.

* An *International Conference *, initially planned for December 2020 in Tours (France), will be organized in Fall 2021, provided the world pandemic situation permits us to travel and gather safely at that time.

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