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Problems and prospects for innovative equipment and technologies in the agricultural and food sector

24-25 avr. 2020
100095, str. University 2, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Tashkent State Technical University, "Uzbek-Japanese Youth Innovation Center" - Tashkent (Ouzbékistan)
The rationale for the Tashkent State Technical University and the VetAgro Sup Institute in 2020 on April 24-25, the International scientific and practical conference on "Problems and prospects of innovative technique and technology in agrifood chain" Subject of the conference: Problems and prospects of innovative technique and technology in agrifood chain Type of conference: International scientific-practical conference. The purpose of the conference: to promote the integration of efforts of industry representatives, scientists, entrepreneurs to solve a strategically important task in the agri-food sector: innovation. The industrial agrifood sector, a complex industry going from the farm to fork, is under tremendous external pressures. Today, it must respond to different challenges, feeding an ever-growing population, reducing agricultural inputs, meeting consumer demands concerning food with environmental low impact in terms of carbon footprint but presenting high sensory and nutritional qualities. Those challenges create many opportunities for entrepreneurs, technologists, scientists, industrialists, businesspersons and youth in work to disrupt the agrifood industries and make innovations in technologies at various points in the chain. The interdependence and interconnection of innovative processes spanning various spheres of human activity, a priori indicates that at the present stage the most significant results can be obtained at the junction of various scientific areas and interdisciplinary research based on the mutual penetration of ideas, methods, developments because of joint work of scientists and specialists of various profiles. In this context, the objectives of the conference are to promote the formation of an innovative culture between the different actors of this agrifood chain in order to promote and facilitate innovative - technological – development in the agrifood sector in Uzbekistan and other participant countries by gathering scientists, industrialists, and businesspersons… for experience exchanges and development of international contacts. That is why the draft of this conference has incorporated the following major scientific areas:  Mechanical engineering, mechanics and agricultural machinery;  food products and processing technologies;  Innovative approach in non-food processing: biotechnology, biomedicine, bioenergy Ecology;  Agriculture;  Food chemistry and chemical technology;  Mathematical modeling and automation of technological processes;  Energy-saving technologies and alternative energy sources; This unique and valuable event will be co-organized by Tashkent State Technical University in Uzbekistan and VetAgro Sup Institute in France with the collaboration of a scientific committee made up of researches from different foreign universities and institutes to promote research and innovation in agrifood sector - food science and technologies-.
Discipline scientifique : Physique - Sciences de l'environnement - Sciences du Vivant - Sciences de l'ingénieur

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