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9th EuroGOOS International conference, Brest 2020

17-18 juin 2020
Océanopolis Ocean Discovery Park.Since 1990, Océanopolis, owned by the City of Brest and managed by Brest’aim, has recounted the natural history of the oceans, with a mission of scientific mediation through pedagogy and creativity. - Brest (France)
17-18 june 2020, Brest, France. The EuroGOOS international conference takes place every three years. The conference provides a forum for a broad range of implementers and users of operational oceanography services, including marine scientists and technologists, private companies, and policymakers.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'environnement - Biodiversité et Ecologie - Environnement et Société - Milieux et Changements globaux

Lieu de la conférence
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