Interactions between gender and number in Africa and the languages of the world

4-5 déc. 2014
LLACAN (Langage, Langues et Cultures d'Afrique Noire - UMR 8135 du CNRS) 7, rue Guy Môquet - BP 8, 94801 VILLEJUIF (France) - Villejuif (France)

The conference - organized by LLACAN-CNRS (Langage, Langues et Cultures d'Afrique Noire), INALCO (Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales), and the Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University - aims at bringing together africanists, typologists and experts in different languages of the world to discuss the interaction between grammatical gender and number.
Discipline scientifique : Linguistique

Lieu de la conférence
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