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Research School - Mathematics of Climate Science

5-13 juil. 2021
The school will take place at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Rwanda centre in Kigali. The facilities at AIMS Rwanda are made up of the accommodation block and the academic block. - Kigali (Rwanda)


The school aims at introducing graduate students and young researchers to the mathematic of climate science. Lectures will cover key topics in the field focusing on their mathematical complexity and dimension. Climate science is genuinely interdisciplinary and this is reflected in the breath of topics offered in the school: predictability, data assimilation, climate prediction, climate sensitivity and thermodynamics. The mathematics to address and understand these problems will be the characteristic of the school and will include dynamical system, statistics, numer­ical methods, statistical mechanics and linear algebra. The lectures will start by presenting the phys­ical concrete challenge and then will focus on the mathematical tools and concept used to solve them. At the same time, there will be tutorials with practical problems to be solved by the students under the mentors' guidance.
Discipline scientifique : Mathématiques - Systèmes dynamiques - Physique mathématique - Algèbres d'opérateurs - Optimisation et contrôle - Probabilités - Statistiques - Science non linéaire

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