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Progress in Clinical Motor Control 2

29 juin-1 juil. 2020
 - Marseille (France)
The optimization of functional rehabilitation benefits from advances at least in the fields of fundamental research, clinical studies and engineering. Historically, actors in each of these fields have become accustomed to meeting in specialized congresses. The conference we are organizing aims to create a meeting place for all those involved in sensorimotor research and patient rehabilitation. In order to stimulate the discussion forum, brilliant researchers in various fields of investigation will present their work and their vision for the future, a vision that is intended to be multidisciplinary. This conference follows the first conference Progress in Clinical Motor Control held in 2018 at the Pennsylvania State University, USA (, which brought together 250 people to accelerate progress in functional rehabilitation. The conference is now organised in collaboration with the recognised International Society for Motor Control (ISMC,, which has been holding Progress in Motor Control conferences every two years for more than 20 years, and conferences every year since 2017 with the introduction of an alternation between conferences with a fundamental or clinical focus (see below). Who? What? Why?? Basic research on motor skills is mainly carried out by neuroscientists, psychologists, biomechanics and modelers to better understand sensorimotor control and cognitive processes. Clinical research is carried out by neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and neuropsychologists (among others) to better understand the influence of specific lesions in the nervous system on motor behaviour and to optimize motor rehabilitation for many patient populations. Engineering is carried out by electronic, computer and mechanical engineers to develop new man-machine interfaces, for example. The conference will allow a variety of actors in the field to exchange views on recent developments, highlight current trends and determine the future challenges and goals of research and innovation. We are excited to have this 2nd Progress in Clinical Motor Control conference in Europe for the first time: let's speak about science! On behalf of the organizing Committee, Fabrice SARLEGNA
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